What is a foreign exchange or foreign exchange and trade market?

FOREX or FOREX is an abbreviation of the term foreign exchange market, i.e. the foreign exchange market, as coded by the acronym FX. Forex is one of the most famous financial markets, a large financial market in which the currencies of countries are traded between millions of investors and banks and investment funds for various purposes, the most important of which is to benefit from the change in exchange rates, and to make profits through buying and selling. The foothills trade flourished because of technological development and the spread of the Internet and modern means of communication. The foothills market is decentralized and geographically borderless, being traded using the system of stopping minerals or trading off the platform.

How did Forks start? origin of money
Forks was founded on a barter principle, in which people in the past traded goods for less money or currency. The barter system was the mainstay of the currency trading system. A trade in snail, gemstone, and other trades in which the value of a commodity is determined by a certain number of these factors, such as the purchase of meat for four snail.

These media were soon replaced by pieces of gold and silver and precious metals, and then people tended to use banknotes as an alternative to gold and silver, so that banknotes were printed expressing a certain amount of gold, and this was the beginning of the appearance of money that we know today.

What is the volume of stock market trading?

Forks is the world’s largest financial market in terms of liquidity and trade, reaching $6.6 trillion per day in April 2019, equivalent to 25 trillion Saudi riyals per day. Forks cannot be compared to any other financial market in terms of liquidity, for example: The New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock market, is trading at only $70 billion a day.

Who traded in the past? Why Massive Liquidity?

This large liquidity in the currency market is attributable to the existence of different categories of traders such as major investment banks, central banks, investment funds, investment management companies, brokerage firms and individual traders and traders for non-financial purposes such as hedging, in addition to the development of means of communication and Internet trading and the use of financial facilities or debts in trade. That is what is attracting more and more investors to the currency market day in and day out.

In this short video we review a simple introduction to the export market before finishing the article

The advantages and disadvantages of foreign exchange trade, and is foreign trade appropriate for you?

Main features of the currency market
Huge liquidity and high volume in Forks
Forks trade open 24 hours 5 days a week
Forks trade decentralized – OTC
Easy to track asset market and limit currency news
Profitability with currency appreciation or decline
Small amounts swapped for money
Easy to open a real account in Forex

Currency market disadvantages
volatility and price activity
high risk
Supervisory or regulatory weakness

When can you trade in farms? Hours worked in foreign markets and trading hours
The export market is a decentralized market that operates through various means of communication around the world without a specific geographical location as a trade center. . The bond market rotates in four major periods: the period of trade between the United States and Europe and Asia and Australia. Trading therefore does not stop throughout the day because these periods overlap and continue to the next day.

The current trading period can be determined by accessing the Working and Trading Hours page, and the following video shows previous trading periods more clearly:

What are the currencies in the foreign exchange market? What do currency pairs mean?

What currencies are traded in foreign currencies? As we explained earlier, the foreign exchange market is the foreign exchange market, so traders trade in the currencies of the states, the most famous of which are the currencies of the major countries with economic weight, and often they call attention to eight currencies because they are considered the most important and the highest circulation among the world’s currencies, namely:

The United States dollar is the currency of the United States of America.

EUR – European Union currency.

GB – British currency.

JPY – Japanese currency.

Australian dollar AUD – Australian currency.

NZD – New Zealand currency.

Canadian dollar

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